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27 June 2007

Response to Critics, Part 3: Michael Ruse

Michael J Behe

Dear Readers, Today I give you one last response for now, to Michael Ruse’s review of Edge of Evolution. After more reviews are in, I’ll compose a comprehensive response. I leave you with this for now. Michael Ruse in The Globe and Mail Michael Ruse is a philosopher of biology who has written over a dozen books […]

26 June 2007

Response to Critics, Part 2: Sean Carroll

Michael J Behe

Dear Readers, Yesterday I responded to Jerry Coyne’s review of my new book, The Edge of Evolution.  Today it’s Sean Carroll’s turn. Sean Carroll in Science Almost the same day that The Edge of Evolution was officially released Sciencepublished a long, lead review by evolutionary developmental biologist Sean Carroll, whose own work I discuss critically in Chapter 9. The review […]

24 June 2007

Response to Critics, Part 1: Jerry Coyne

Michael J Behe

Dear Readers, Major reviews of The Edge of Evolution have begun to appear. Because the conclusion of the book is so controversial, it’s no surprise that responses by some Darwinists so far have been pretty emotional and defensive. I’ll be writing brief replies here to unfavorable reviews by the most prominent academic Darwinists, just to point out […]

18 June 2007

Questions about my new book?

Michael J Behe

f you have any questions about my new book, Edge of Evolution, you might enjoy taking a look at this brief interview I just gave. Question & Answer With Michael J. Behe, author of The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism What do you believe Darwinian evolutionary processes can actually do? THE EDGE OF […]

5 June 2007

A Challenge from the Edge of Evolution

Michael J Behe

My new book, The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism, presents evidence disproving random mutation as a major part of evolution and shows that life developed non-randomly from cells to animals. As you can imagine, this direct challenge to Darwinism is highly controversial.  Fortunately,The Edge of Evolution is more that just a critique of Darwin’s […]