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15 January 2009

Miller vs. Luskin, Part 2

Michael J Behe

Dear Readers,At the end of his first post squabbling with Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin, Brown University Professor Kenneth Miller refers to some great new work by UC San Diego Professor and member of the National Academy of Science Russell Doolittle. Doolittle, of course, has worked on the blood clotting cascade for about fifty years! (I discussed some […]

12 January 2009

Miller vs. Luskin, Part 1

Michael J Behe

Dear Readers, Brown University Professor Kenneth Miller has gotten into a little tiffwith Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin over what I said/meant about the blood clotting cascade in Darwin’s Black Box.  This is the first of two posts commenting on that. In Chapter 4 of Darwin’s Black Box I first described the clotting cascade and then, in a section called “Similarities and […]