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31 January 2012

One Small Step Sideways, Two Huge Steps Back

Michael J Behe

Recently a new paper by Richard Lenski and colleagues (Meyer et al 2012) appeared in Science (http://www.sciencemag.org/content/335/6067/428.short )with, as usual, commentary in the New York Times. (http://tinyurl.com/7xthu7q ) (Lenski’s lab must own a red phone with a direct line to The Gray Lady.) The gist of the paper is that a certain bacteriophage (a virus that infects […]

24 January 2012

More Darwinian Degradation

Michael J Behe

Recently a paper appeared by Ratcliff et al. (2012) entitled “Experimental evolution of mulitcellularity” and received a fair amount of press attention, including a story in the New York Times. (http://tinyurl.com/6va4fpp ) The authors discuss their results in terms of the origin of multicellularity on earth. The senior author of the paper is Michael Travisano […]

11 January 2012

A Blind Man Carrying a Legless Man Can Safely Cross the Street

Michael J Behe

I never thought it would happen but, in my estimation, Richard Lenski has acquired a challenger for the title of “Best Experimental Evolutionary Scientist.” Lenski, of course, is the well-known fellow who has been growing E. coli in his lab at Michigan State for 50,000 generations in order to follow its evolutionary progress. His rival […]