Earliest animals with true body cavities found at 30 mya earlier than thought

Deuterostomes are animals with true body cavities, featuring a mouth and usually an anus. From Telegraph: The 540 million-year-old “exquisite” fossil was unearthed during an excavation in China by led by University of Cambridge researchers, who say its discovery means humanity can now trace its roots back a further 30 million years. The creature is […]

Fake news’s power shrinks with context warning?

As a sort of inoculation? From Natasha Lomas at Tech Crunch: Research conducted by social psychologists at Cambridge University in the UK, and Yale and George Mason in the US, offers a potential strategy for mitigating the spread of misinformation online — involving the use of pro-active warnings designed to contextualize and pre-expose web users […]

How the universe will end, according to pop science

In an age where “science” poaches everything religious, yet another end-of-the-world story whistles into the box, this time via Benjamin Groggin at Digg: The power of science has enabled humans to do everything from study distant galaxies to take high-res photos of Pluto. But one thing science has struggled with is understanding the limits of […]

The problem of agit prop street theatre (U/D: UC Berkeley riot footage)

. . . and similar manipulative spin and mob-ocracy games masquerading as truth, news, knowledge/education, etc now clearly needs to be confronted — if we are to think straight and act soundly in good time to avoid going over the cliff as a civilisation: The Parable of Plato’s Cave (and the linked idea of the […]

Split brain does NOT lead to split consciousness?

What? After all the naturalist pop psych lectures we paid good money for at the U? Well, suckers r’ us. From Medical News Today: A new research study contradicts the established view that so-called split-brain patients have a split consciousness. Instead, the researchers behind the study, led by UvA psychologist Yair Pinto, have found strong […]

Would Newton be allowed to teach science in public schools?

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.” The USA’s Founders required the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, including: make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Yet now we have US Senators coercing government […]

Wayne Rossiter on theistic evolution shell game

From Wayne Rossiter, at Shadow of Oz blog: Today, I would like to deal with a couple of classic stances espoused by most theistic evolutionists, and then detail some very specific views and opinions that have come up recently. Perhaps most important among these items is the apparent shell-game at play when a theistic evolutionist […]

Isn’t “theistic evolution” becoming a bit of a backwater?

Theistic evolution: Darwin was right and we defend Darwinism from critics from whatever quarter. But we feel that God did it somehow anyway (even though Darwin and most of his followers do not think that)… In a time of such ferment around evolution, theistic evolution attracts lazy people with theology credentials and a gift for […]

NASA research now to be free to public

From Peter Dockrill at Science Alert: NASA just announced that any published research funded by the space agency will now be available at no cost, launching a new public web portal that anybody can access. The free online archive comes in response to a new NASA policy, which requires that any NASA-funded research articles in […]

Meyer on Theistic Implications of Big Bang Cosmology

Video: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Again, food for thought on intersections of science, cosmology, philosophy, the idea of God and Theology. END

Behe lectures on the “edge” of Evolution

Video: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Let us watch and ponder. END

Naturalism and Its Alternatives – Amazon Hot New Release

While these statistics get recompiled continually, I was pleased to wake up this morning and find that our new book, Naturalism and Its Alternatives in Scientific Methodologies is currently the #1 Hot New Release in the Scientific Research category, the #2 Hot New Release in epistemology, and the #1 Hot New Release in Psychology research.

The New York Times Thinks You Are Too Stupid to Understand “Margin of Error” (or at Least Hopes You Are)

Last week we reported on Robert Tracinski’s take down of the New York Time’s misleading reporting on climate data.  Tracinski follows up with the Time’s reporter’s indefensible defense here. The comparison to 1998 is particularly important, because if the headline is that this year is not significantly hotter than temps 19 years ago, that take […]

Improved precision in matter-antimatter difference does not resolve mystery

The mystery, that is, of why the universe is matter and not equal and oppositely charged antimatter: From Sarah Charley at Symmetry: “We’re looking for hints,” says Stefan Ulmer, spokesperson of the BASE collaboration. “If we find a slight difference between matter and antimatter particles, it won’t tell us why the universe is made of […]

New methods of neuroscience found wanting?

At the Economist, anyway: One common tactic in brain science is to compare damaged brains with healthy ones. If damage to part of the brain causes predictable changes in behaviour, then researchers can infer what that part of the brain does. In rats, for instance, damaging the hippocampuses—two small, banana-shaped structures buried towards the bottom […]

A new principle for epigenetic changes?

From ScienceDaily: In a new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers have now found a new principle for how epigenetic changes can occur. They have showed that one enzyme, tryptase, can be found in the nucleus of cells and that tryptase can cleave off the tails of histones. In this […]

Gene transcription while an organism is dying?

From Joshua A. Krisch at The Scientist: Ninety-six hours after 43 zebrafish were frozen to death and 48 hours after 20 mice had their necks snapped, specific cells within their bodies were still hard at work. Gene transcription continued apace, and occasionally increased, according to a study published today (January 25) in Royal Society Open […]

2017 44th Annual March for Life — Live Stream (UPDATED)

Today is the 44th annual March for Life, which is being live-streamed in several locations. Let us host it here, for UD (following up from a discussion of three marches in Washington DC, here)  . . . this stream will go “live” later this morning. I note due to heightened security concerns, Airport type screening […]

Scientists misattribute science writer’s work, to protect Darwinism’s reputation

Suzan Mazur notes at Huffington Post that the semiotics journal Sign Systems Studies (University of Tartu Press) published an article on the recent Royal Society conference on new trends in evolution. In the opening pages of his article, Kull decides to cite the July 2008 Altenberg conference as one of those pivotal events, a meeting […]

Is the March for Science on Washington tailor-made to undermine the cause?

From Maria Gallucci at Mashable: Separately, environmental and climate groups are planning a People’s Climate March in April to protest Trump’s plans to scrap former President Barack Obama’s climate policies and advance construction of controversial oil pipelines. Both climate activists and scientists said they were bolstered by the Women’s Marches, which drew millions of women […]

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